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Read what past clients have to say about the level of service we strive to deliver here at Spilker McNally Tucker. If you are suffering from an injury of your own, don’t hesitate to give our dedicated lawyers a call. We have offices in both Nelson and Castlegar.


Excellent Experience

"Just wanted to pass on the excellent experience we had with Bill and staff during our motor vehicle accident claim. Not only did I personally receive an appropriate settlement but I did not have to earn a law degree to do so. If you are interested in receiving the maximum amount of health care and the most financial compensation for the least amount of hassle you have found it. Thanks again to Bill and staff. If you are reading this, I hope you get well soon."

Easy to Talk to

"Big thanks to the team at Spliker/McNally! During my very difficult, stressful and physically painful times after my MVA, your were by my side, helping me in every way you could. You were easy to talk to and very understanding of details. I appreciated your patience with all my questions and concerns and I am grateful for my settlement. I would totally recommend anyone to get an injury lawyer after a car crash, specially these guys! Cheers!
Thanks again Mike and to everyone that help with my claim."

Patient and Professional

"After an accident , you are often dealing with doctors appointments and many different emotions. Energy and time is limited, so it is invaluable to have a competent lawyer who you know will take care of the details involved in your case, allowing you to focus on recovery.

I found Bill, Mike and Syrina responded quickly and thoroughly when it came to answering my questions. They were patient and professional and I felt the decisions I made were well informed based on their expert advice. Even though I did not live in Nelson , I always felt updated and informed and found working with this team from a distance easy.

Bill was able to settle my case in an efficient and timely manner with an end result much higher than I could have achieved on my own. His fees were very reasonable and having a knowledgeable team taking care of my case, removing the burden of dealing with ICBC from me, was priceless."


Great Place to Get Help

"Bill was invaluable in helping me thru a difficult time. He recognized immediately on our first visit that I needed more than just a lawyer. He was able to get me counselling immediately and point me in the direction of other help as well. He always made himself available on short notice when I would drop in, to talk about my traumatic event and to see my progress. Bill, Mike and Syrina were very timely in getting a fair and just settlement.

Thanx Again"

—G.R.H., British Columbia

Words Can’t Express My Gratitude

"Thank you so much Bill, I am so grateful for your help. I would not have been able to manage this accident without you; words actually can't express my gratitude. I really appreciate everything you and your team have done. Without all of your help I would be moving into my mother’s basement, unable to even feed myself. So despite this accident changing my life, you made it more manageable so thank you times 1000."


"About 4 years ago I was in a car accident.  I was rear ended on my way to work.  It didn’t seem like that big a deal and I felt I would be back to work quickly.  Well that didn’t happen.  Not only was I not able to get back to work sooner but my lawyer had passed away.  This left us feeling shocked and nervous about what was to come.

That’s when Bill helped out and agreed to take my case.  He assured us that we were on his plate and that he would help us out as much as he could.  He followed through on more than one occasion.  During this recovery period he helped us stay afloat, made sure we could get assistance, and really made us feel like we were in control.  Even when we weren’t.  His staff as well went to bat for us when bill collectors were calling.  One collector in particular was quite aggressive and Bill and co helped us to get a better situation out of that scenario as well.

What I really liked about Bill is that he was all about questions, not answers.  He would have an offer from ICBC and he would simply ask what we thought.  I never felt swayed to say “yes”, or “no” at any time.  I got my answers from Bill by asking him his thoughts and again he was very objective.  I really felt like I was in control and that helped us to be more patient and it resulted in us getting a settlement that was more than fair.

I emphatically recommend Bill McNally."

— R.B.

I really felt like I was in control

the best decision I made

"Being injured in an accident is traumatic. Having to defend yourself against ICBC (insurance companies) is almost unbearable.

Hiring Spilker McNally Tucker was the best decision I made. I was able to focus on my healing journey, while they “defended” me—always maintaining the highest level of professionalism, respect, and discretion.

I never felt abandoned or “at fault.” This is an amazing team who really WILL work for you!"


Full of compassion and legitimate concern

“Having the experience of a serious car accident with my daughter was truthfully one of the hardest times in my life.  Very soon after, it became clear that ICBC was not about to make it any better.  My husband called Spilker McNally Tucker, and our process began. 

My daughter and I were represented better than I could have ever imagined, our needs were put first, and we were treated as people, not numbers.  The care and attention that was given to my daughter by Mr. Richard Spilker was full of compassion and legitimate concern.  He helped her find doctors, assisted her in her daily challenges, and cared deeply about her and her experience.   Through this long and tiring experience, we never felt pushed aside. 

Brenda from the Castlegar office was always there, through all steps, she calmed our nerves and explained the processes clearly, as well as standing up for us in the challenges times.  I have never questioned our decision to work with this law firm, and will forever be grateful for the support.  Thank you to Spilker, McNally and Tucker”.  

— K.J.

“I would like to thank the entire Spilker McNally Tucker team for all of their help with my settlement. The team was great to work with, very knowledgeable, professional, yet personable and easy to talk to. 

Whenever I had any question or concern, it was easy to reach Bill, Mike and Syrina. They took their time answering my questions and made sure I was always updated with anything that was happening with my case. 

I would recommend their services to anyone. Definitely a great team to work with and I am very grateful that I found Bill and his team when I did. Thank you!”

— M.G.

Great to work with

more than just legal support

“This law firm represented me in the 90’s when I was in a no fault collision and again more recently when I sustained substantial injuries after being involved again in another MVA caused by another driver.

The lawyers and legal assistants made the process of dealing with ICBC much less stressful for me. They are skilled at communicating with ICBC and were able to assist me with travel for medical appointments and navigating the stresses of my loss of income and employment due to the MVA.

I felt heard by their team and that they provided me with more than just legal support.  They were there for me whenever I needed them and I would highly recommend them.”

offer advice and help every step of the way

“When we got into our motor vehicle accident we were scared and lost. We didn’t think our injuries warranted a claim before talking to Richard, Bill and Mike. They ensured us that not only were we victims, but we certainly deserved compensation for what we went through. We appreciate their support, guidance and hard work in getting us our best compensation. The administrative staff are so kind and always had the answers to any questions that came up throughout our claim as well. It can be a long tough road but they offer advice and help every step of the way; they show you that you aren't alone.”

— C.